Renault Alpine Sports Coupe Design Study

Some may remember the Alpine moniker from the A610 from the mid 1990s. Unfortunately, since then the French automaker Rneault has yet to launch a modern day successor to carry on the Alpine name. After the production ended, Renault began manufacturing the street-legal RenaultSport Spider. This was a car built from 1995 to 1997 and was a lightweight two-seater model with a rear mid-engine, and it was the automaker's last sports car.

As with many other cars of yore, some independent designs have decided to create concept studies, and the same goes for a new Alpine coupe. The most recent one is by David Cardoso, who says that his rendering is a modern interpretation of the Renault Alpine A110. According to his design, the concept will retain the rear engine, while the rear is inspired by the Dezir Concept and the front has influences from the Nepta Concept. This is definitely a car we'd like to see being made again. Photos courtesy of David Cardoso.

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