Renault and Caterham to Co-Develop Alpine Sportscar

Renault’s development partner to bring the Alpine A110-50 concept to the road will soon be announced as Caterham.

After much speculation about who would partner Renault in bringing the gorgeous Alpine A110-50 to market, it appears we finally have an answer courtesy of Autocar. Names such as Lotus and Mercedes have been thrown about but according to the British publication, the new Alpine sports car will be co-developed by Renault and Caterham. Although both companies are yet to give official comment, it is believed the deal will be wrapped up within the next month.

If you're wondering about the connection, note that Renault supplies engines to the Caterham F1 team. Last month Cyril Abiteboul, former deputy motorsport director at Renault, was appointed Caterham's new CEO, and it's likely the 35-year-old will head up the new joint venture and continue links with the French carmaker. Caterham, for its part, has been eager to bring an entirely new vehicle to market to join the Seven and the SP/300.R track car. The partnership is expected to help Renault share the development and production costs of the new Alpine, turning it from a track concept to the first road-going Alpine in two decades.

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