Renault Clio RS Rolls Over At The Ring In Spectacular Crash


Inexperienced drivers in hot hatches at the Nurburgring is usually a recipe for disaster.

After watching so many drivers get caught out, you would think by now that most drivers who are brave/foolish enough to tackle the Green Hell would be extra cautious. And yet time and time again we see over-confident or inexperienced drivers learning the hard way that the Nurburgring takes no prisoners. In this latest video capturing a nasty-looking crash at the Ring, you know the driver of this Renault Clio RS is in trouble as soon as they enter the shot sideways trying to recover from lift-off oversteer.

After approaching the notorious Schwedenkreuz corner too fast, the hatchback then veers onto the grass, before slamming head-on into the wall on the opposite side of the track, sending it into a violent rollover. The force of the impact was severe, causing the Clio RS to flip several times and spin 360 degrees before landing on all four wheels in the middle of the track.

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Considering it landed in the path of other cars and blocked the track, it's incredibly fortunate that the crumpled Clio didn’t cause a multi-car pileup. The only solace from this accident is that the driver and passenger walked away unassisted and relatively unscathed considering the severity of the crash. One user on YouTube commented that the driver suffered a broken finger and required surgery for his arm. It’s also comforting to see so many other good-hearted drivers stop and try to help after witnessing the crash, though some of them put themselves in more danger by standing at the side of the track.