Renault Duster by DC Design

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Indian coachbuilder transforms the economy SUV into a more luxurious proposition.

Indian automotive design firm and coachbuilder DC Design hit the headlines last year when it unveiled the country's first ever homegrown supercar at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. Since then, the Avanti supercar project has gone a bit quiet. However the company has resurfaced with its latest project based on the Renault/Dacia Duster. Dubbed the DC Duster, the restyled SUV receives a brand-new interior complete with faux wood and artificial leather as well as a multimedia infotainment system for the right rear passenger.

The center console, complete with entertainment controls, has been stretched all the way to the rear seats, making room for two large six-way power adjustable rear seats. With the passenger seat folded down, the left rear seat doubles up as a bed. Exterior mods were also made to the Duster, limited to a redesigned grille, new bumper with DRLs and fog lamps, and a very thin string of LEDs. Renault logos have been switched out for DC Design's own, while other changes include a matte black paintjob, custom DC alloys and polished side steps. The cost of the transformation is priced at 3.49 lakh (a shade under $7,000 at today's rates).

DC Design via Idianautosblog
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