Renault Inking Partnership to Build Alpine Concept

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French automaker needs a partner to build this bonkers supercar. Could Mercedes be that wingman?

In the days running up to the Paris Motor Show, reports began to circulate that Renault was set to announce a new partnership that would lead to the production of the stunning Alpine concept which it debuted at the Monaco Grand Prix. The press days of the Paris show have come and gone, but the only announcement of that nature made was an expansion of the partnership between the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler.

The deal revolves around fuel-efficient engines and transmissions, but whether it's this partnership or another, the signs are good that the Alpine will reach production. The concept revived an old nameplate for the French marque, one inexorably tied to sportscars and racing. Since then we've remained optimistic that Renault would build it, even though the racing chassis on which the concept was based wouldn't be tenable for production. Unfortunately, since Renault doesn't market in America, chances are slim that the Alpine would make it here. That is, unless, its partner company brings its version over. Mercedes, we're looking at you.

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