Renault Launches New Symbol in Turkey

Not every car Renault produces can be a Ring record-setting hot hatch or a new Alpine sportscar. Witness the new Symbol... also known as the Thalia, or the Dacia Logan.

Some new car reveals are more exciting than others. That's just the way it goes. So after bringing you the new Maserati Quattroporte (exciting!) earlier today, here we have the new Renault Symbol (not so exciting). Revealed at the Istanbul Motor Show in Turkey alongside the updated Fluence, the Symbol (also known in certain markets as the Thalia) is essentially a Dacia Logan with a Renault grille stuck on the front for markets where the Dacia budget brand isn't sold but Renaults are.

The second-generation model (manufactured in both Turkey and Argentina) was launched in 2008 to relieve the Clio Symbol sedan that had been in production since 1999, and now it's been facelifted to fit more in line with Renault's new design language. Under the hood, buyers will be able to find a three-cylinder 900cc engine with 90 horsepower or a 1.5-liter diesel with either 75 horsepower or 90. Inside the new Symbol gets cruise control, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, a 60/40 split rear bench and an available infotainment system with navigation and a seven-inch touchscreen.

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