Renault Looking To Build The DeZir

Even though it had already been unveiled in Paris, the Renault DeZir concept was still drawing big crowds when Renault brought it to the Geneva Motor Show. It's not difficult to see why, the DeZir manages to be both bold and appealing, a balance that quite a few concept cars fail to achieve. Word from Renault is now that the Renaultsport sub-brand will possibly be building a production version of the DeZir in the near future.

They do plan on making a few changes though. First off, it will not be an EV. Despite all the big talk, Renault knows that EV people and sports car people are rarely the same group, and trying to market an EV sports car would be more trouble than it's worth. Power will likely be supplied by 197hp 2.0-liter engine from the Renaultsport Clio. Prices are rumored to be starting around $48,000.

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