Renault Megane Monaco GP

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Last year, Renault had quite a bit of success with the Laguna Coupe Monaco SP Special Edition, and so they decided to extent the Monaco treatment to the Megane. This special edition gives the Megan a sportier appearance designed to highlight the company's motorsport history. The Monaco GP Special Edition is the same on the Megane as it is on the Laguna, characterized primarily by the white pearlescent paint.

The special edition also comes with Etoile black accents to the body, including side mirrors, headlight surrounds and 17-inch gloss black rims. Five different engines are available in the form of three diesels and two gasoline mills. For those customers who opt for the 250 horsepower Megane Coupe RS, the wheels are upgraded to 18-inches and you get a leather interior in place of the fabric one found in the other models. No price has been announced yet, but this will likely be available by the time the special edition is displayed at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

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