Renault Planning Alpine Tribute for Paris


Could Renault be preparing a new Alpine concept for Paris next September?

Winter is not even over yet and we're already beginning to discover details about next September's Paris Motor Show. And for French automaker Renault, the show is obviously quite important because not only is it on their home turf, but they'll also be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the A110 Berlinetta. And like so many other automotive marquees reviving old names (Dodge Dart, Charger, Challenger, etc), Renault is now reportedly set to unveil an Alpine concept car at Paris.

As of now, nothing has been fully confirmed by Renault, but the Paris show is the perfect opportunity for them to reveal such a concept if they were to ever do so. But there's a catch: According to Renault's marketing chief, the automaker would have to make a good business case in order for it to reach production. And for that to happen, they would have to sell it in North America and China. The problem is that Renault is not currently in North America, just their sister company Nissan. But what if Renault turned to Nissan for guidance in engine development?


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