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Renault Planning Electric Cabrio?

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Renault releases rendering of a convertible EV on Facebook to ask the public what it thinks of the idea.

Of the few electric cars on the market, there are few convertibles to be found – even if you include hybrids. Which is a shame, because a convertible EV would offer drivers and passengers the ability to enjoy the air they're keeping clean. The idea, then, has merit, and several automakers are working on electrically-propelled cabrios. The Porsche 918 Spyder is almost ready, the BMW i8 has been shown in roadster format, and while the Tesla Roadster may have finished its production cycle, there's a new one on the way.

Next up could be Renault, which even divorced from its sister-company Nissan, is one of the industry's leading purveyors of electric vehicles. Its EV lineup includes the Twizy, the Fluence, the Kangoo and the Zoe, a small electric hatchback. Now the French automaker is apparently considering the possibility of a Zoe cabriolet. Renault posted a rendering of a convertible Zoe on the model's Facebook page and is asking the public to express whether the idea has as much merit as we think it does. What do you say?

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