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Renault Releases Revised Kangoo

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Renault's facelifted commercial van is available in 15 different configurations.

Joy of all joys, local CarBuzz readers: Renault has released a new version of the Kangoo! We know you're as excited as well are, so let's get down to it. Okay, so we're laying the sarcasm on a little thick here. But it's hard to get genuinely excited about a French cargo van. Still, Renault claims itself to be the number one manufacturer of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) in Europe, which is quite a substantial market. And that in itself may be enough to support the company's considerable racing programs.

The updated Kangoo is distinguished by a more "robust stance" and is built with more solid materials for a higher perceived quality. It's available in a number of different configurations to suit different needs, but no matter which one the buyer chooses, they'll be getting three front seats. Buyers can also choose from an array of powertrain options, including the electric Kangoo ZE (which joins the Twizy, Zoe and Fluence in Renault's growing EV family). There's also a Kangoo Extrem which gets a more rugged look and the Kangoo Business for fleet sales. All told, there are 15 different versions of the Kangoo available, including 12 commercial configurations and 3 for private use.

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