Renault Runs Camouflaged 2013 Clio RS up the Hill

The new Renaultsport Clio took a turn on the Goodwood hill over the weekend.

Remember getting those sweet ninja pajamas as a kid and wanting to wear them outside, only for your mother to say you could only wear them to sleep? This writer does, and that's what seeing Renaultsport's new Clio RS - running up the hill at Goodwood this weekend in prototype camouflage - brought to mind. Based on the new Clio expected to debut later this week, the Renaultsport model is slated to debut at the Paris show in September packing a new turbocharged 1.6-liter four with 200 horsepower.

That's about the same output as the current, naturally-aspirated model, but while it ran hard up the hill with a dual-clutch transmission, the production model is expected to offer a conventional manual gearbox. Check it out (following the much-adored Alpine A110-50 concept) in the video below.

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