Renault's Reborn Alpine Won't Rally

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It will hopefully still be one hell of an impressive road going sports car.

Renault is currently hard at work developing its reborn Alpine coupe, which will hopefully look an awful lot like the Alpine Concept that was revealed some time back. However, unlike its ancestor, the new Alpine won't be built to rally race. Alpine CEO Bernard Olivier just confirmed this in an interview with a French website: "today we cannot (rally), for the simple reason that to rally, you must have a car (hatch, sedan, etc). We do not have any. Regulations in rallying today are not suitable for sports cars." And that's just what the new Alpine is going to be – a sports car.

It'll also share its platform and many other components with a new Caterham sports car. But still, Olivier states that he expects to see Alpine production reach 25,000 units over the course of seven years. Its main markets will be Germany, Italy, France, the UK and Japan. A few will also reach China. The two-seater will be lightweight and Alpine will have a very basic interior, but Renault is still going to equip it with some 21st century creature comforts. However, Olivier doesn't want anyone to think of the car as a Renault. It won't even have the Renault diamond badge. It'll simply be an Alpine. Power will come from a 2.0-liter turbo four that'll produce about 282 horsepower.

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