Renault Teases New Self-Driving Concept Car


Let's hope it looks as eye-pleasing as the stunning Renault Trezor Concept.

Next week, one of the biggest events on the auto show calendar kicks off as Frankfurt opens its doors on September 12. With only one week to go, automakers have been teasing what we can expect to see at the show. While we already know what some of the German giants will be presenting, such as the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar which promises to steal the show, Renault will be revealing a new self-driving concept car called the Symbioz. Looking back at Renault’s recent concepts, the Symbioz could be a surprise standout.

The futuristic Renault Trezor was a feast for the eyes at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, while the Zoe E-Sport EV shown at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year was unapologetically insane packing 407-hp despite its modest looks. Renault describes the Smybioz as an “innovative concept” designed to preview Renault’s future vision of connected mobility by 2030. It will be all-electric using technology from Renault’s current Z.E. range and feature advanced autonomous driving abilities. From the short teaser video, it looks like the Symbioz will be a low-slung hatchback with design cues taken from the Clio and Trez, along with enormous wheels and small overhangs typical for a concept car.

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Renault says the Symbioz will “address environmental and urban challenges that lie ahead.” The Symbioz name is derived from ‘sumbiosis’, the Ancient Greek word for ‘living together’ which represents Renault’s vision of cars that “will function harmoniously and in permanent interaction with its environment, road network infrastructure and the digital lifestyles of its occupants.”