Renault TwinFun to Debut in Monaco

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Renault to unveil hot-hatch concept at the Monaco Grand Prix next month.

Most automakers reveal their new concepts at car shows. But Renault has taken to unveiling concepts at the Monaco Grand Prix. And little wonder: the French automaker supplies the engines that power eight of the cars on the grid at that and every other F1 race in the championship. Last year, Renault chose the glitzy Mediterranean seaside race to reveal the Alpine A110-50 concept, and this year will be returning to reveal a new concept tipped to be called the TwinFun.

Following hot on the heels of the Twin'Z concept designed by Ross Lovegrove and revealed a few weeks ago, the TwinFun previews the next-generation Twingo city car being co-developed with Daimler's Smart division, only with a racier image. Renault released a pair of teaser images to accompany the announcement, but last month we brought you a spy video showing the car in full. It's expected to pack a mid-engine, rear-drive layout like so many of the company's past hot hatches, like the Renault 5 and Clio V6. Watch this space as the car will be revealed on May 24 in Monte Carlo.

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