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Renault Twizy Covered in Macaroons

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If you're the type who liked the movie "Chocolat", you'll probably loved this pastry-coated EV.

There are many of units of measure you might find on a car's spec sheet: horsepower, pound-ft, newton-meters, psi, rpm, miles per hour, kilometers per hour, kilowatts, kilograms, pounds, inches, meters, feet... but calories? That's the unit you'd need to measure the potency of this one-of-a-kind Renault Twizy. Created by French pastry chef Pierre Hermé for the Salon du Chocolat exposition in Paris, this particular urban commuter has been covered in 50 pounds worth of gourmet macaroons.

The 1,700 individual pastel-colored delicacies were glued by hand all over the car's bodywork and wheels, creating a unique take on the EV that looks more delicious than any car we've seen yet. Looks like the Lindt Smart car and Peeps Beetle have some sugar-fueled competition on their hands.

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