Renault Twizy Pays Tribute to Picasso

Art Car

Special city-car painted by an Italian artist to honor Pablo Picasso at an exhibit opening in Milan.

BMW is known as one of the foremost patrons of art cars, commissioning numerous well-known artists to use its cars as their canvas. One painter the Bavarian automaker never got to work with, though, was Pablo Picasso. But this latest Renault art car aims to rectify that. Of course Picasso has long since passed, but to celebrate the launch of an exhibit showcasing the late Spanish painter's work in Milan, Italian artist Paolo Gonzato has painted this unique Renault Twizy in a Picasso-inspired motif.

The Twizy, for the uninitiated, is a novel take on urban transportation that sits somewhere in between a city car and a scooter. It has four wheels but a narrow track, and two seats placed in tandem. At less than €7,000, the Twizy also bridges the gap pricewise between scooter and car, and is available with electric or conventional powertrains. This particular example has been painted in a multicolored diamond pattern that at once alludes to Renault's own logo and to the Harlequin costume which Pablo's son Paulo Picasso wore in his famous portrait.

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