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Renault Unveils Kwid Concept; Complete with Own Quadrocopter


First time Renault has shown a concept outside of Europe.

Ordinarily, Renault revealing a concept at an Indian car show wouldn’t be newsworthy, but the Kwid Concept has a really cool feature. Dubbed the “Flying Companion,” this automotive first is a quadrocopter that’s remote-controlled via the dashboard-mounted tablet. It takes off from a rotating section of the compact crossover’s roof and can be operated manually or via an automatic mode that uses a pre-programmed flying sequence and GPS.

Renault says the air-born buddy can be used to scope out the traffic, take landscape pictures and detect obstacles up ahead. That cool bit of kit aside, the high-riding buggy-like Kwid boasts a two-tone grey and yellow body, short overhangs, big alloys, and a front-wheel-drive layout with a 1.2-liter turbo gasoline unit mated to a dual-clutch EDC box.

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The cabin boasts seats suspended over a solid base with the driver positioned in the middle of a three-seat layout, while rear passengers can control the a/c using controls mounted on the back of the driver’s seat.