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Renault Zoe Car-Spa

Renault has outdone itself with the unveiling of its promised "spa car", the Zoe Preview. This new model comes loaded with outrageous features that many drivers, I'm sure, have never even thought of having in their car. The Zeo comes with a hydrating air conditioning system, a detoxifying air filter, and a stimulating or relaxing scent diffuser. All this is just for the interior.

The exterior sports new almond-shaped headlights and indicator light that are supported to function as a form of light therapy. The roof is transparent and the door controls are touch-sensitive circuit boards. What makes this spa car really unique is that the Zoe Preview turns phosphorescent in the dark. The Zoe has a 100-mile range and a 6-8 hour charge time, and we can expect to see it launch in 2012.

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