Renaultsport Presents Laguna GT in Brazil

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Renaultsport's first performance model for the South American market starts with the Fluence sedan and debuts in Sao Paulo.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance is serious about upping its market share in Brazil. To that end, Nissan put together the Extrem concept specifically for the Sao Paulo Motor Show and Renault brought three new debuts. One was the Clio Mercosur, the other the DCross concept and the third is this, the Fluence GT. The first model developed by Renaulsport specifically for South America, and its first proper treatment of the Fluence sedan, a vehicle which, at the electric end of the spectrum is offered as the Fluence ZE.

The Fluence GT packs a 180-horsepower turbocharged engine, a sportier suspension and some visual touches to identify this as the GT model. Renault revealed little else beyond that, but if you're moving to Brazil and have yet to stop by a Renault showroom there, we've got a couple of photos for you here.

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