Renaultsport Reveals Twizy F1

Renault handed its electric commuter car to its F1 engineers, and this is what came out.

Companies like McLaren and Ferrari transfer their F1 technologies to the road with their world-beating supercars. But Renault, despite its long history of victories in grand prix racing, doesn't make supercars. So the French automaker has applied its F1 know-how to… a Twizy. Now if you’re not familiar, the Twizy is an electric urban commuter and about as un-supercar-like as it gets. But the Twizy Renaultsport F1 concept is another matter entirely, tuned by the French company's racing engineers.

It packs a Kinetic Energy Recovery System similar to the one it supplies to the Red Bull, Lotus, Caterham and Williams F1 teams, providing a 79-horsepower boost to the Twizy’s 17hp electric motor to drive the concept from 0-62 in six seconds flat. That’s as quick as Renault’s fastest production car, the Megane RS 265, but it won't go much faster than that, topping out at 68 mph. It's also fitted with the steering wheel from a Formula Renault 3.5 racecar, extreme aerodynamic elements and a retuned chassis. While the added components raise the curb weight by 91 kg to 564, the extra power more than makes up for the difference.

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