Renaultsport Trophy Pulls Taxi Duty

Parisian shoppers get more than they bargained for with a taxi ride in a Renaultsport Megane Trophy V6 racecar.

If we were hailing a taxi in Europe – in Paris especially - to see a Renault Megane pull up at the curb. Particularly the wagon version. But not the Trophy. The Renaultsport Megane Trophy is a purpose-built racecar that packs a 360-horsepower V6 borrowed from sister-company Nissan and tuned by Renault’s own motorsport engineers. It’s got a full roll cage, slick tires, a suspension dropped to the tarmac… the works. In other words, it’s made for racing, not for picking up fares.

But that’s just what it did for this video clip. Apparently unsuspecting (but possibly staged) Parisians out on the town hail a cab, only to find the Renault racecar pick them up for a bit of unsuspecting action. Frankly, if we hailed a taxi and both this and the Cash Cab pulled up, we’d be torn.

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