Rendered: 2012 3-Series Sedan M3


The new BMW M3 is due out late next year and here are the first renderings of what it could look like.

F30post member Harold Wood has released a rendering what he thinks the new BMW M3 could look like. The gray 3-Series seen in this rendering comes from a whole slew of new photos released by the German company after the new 3-Series launched last Friday. Wood tweaked the sedan to fit the M3 mold and it looks pretty slick in the garden. The front-end receives a sporty, aggressive look with a redesigned front bumper that is affixed with several large air intakes.

Along with trademark M features such as side gills and M wheels, the air curtain seen here is reminiscent of the new 1M and M5 cars. The new M3 has been tested with several different engine variants which range from a newly-designed V6 to a turbocharged inline-6-cylinder to even the naturally-aspirated V8 that is currently employed in the M-lineup. The 2012 3-Series sedan is scheduled to arrive in February of next year, while the M3 sedan should follow in 2013. An M4 coupe version will follow after the M3 makes its debut. Rendering courtesy of Harold Wood from the F30post forums.

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