Rendered: Bentley Luxury Concept

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Now this is what a proper 21st century Bentley should look like.

One of the great things about graphic design software is the amount one can do from their own studio. This also allows for a wonderful amount of creativity for those who love cars. And while not every result looks good, there are still plenty of talented individuals out there who have the right stuff for automotive design. And one of those talents has just released his latest work. Called the Bentley Luxury Concept, the designer claims his 3D inspiration came from wooden boats, old classic cars with wood panels, and the designs of older Bentley's.

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, the designer also wanted to express his roots by choosing a common type of wood that's used in Swedish furniture design. And as you can tell from the images, the car is massive in size. Coming in at more than six meters long (nearly 20 feet), it would look absolutely breathtaking if it were built as a full-size car. Overall, it's an impressive concept that really shows what a modern Bentley could look like. Great job Andreas on your creation.

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