Rendered: Bugatti Super-Sedan Concept by Hristov

A Veyron-inspired Super-Sedan concept rendering by designer Dejan Hristov.

Whether or not the Bugatti Galibier will ever make it to production is a mystery within itself, as the super-sedan we all thought was coming as the mighty Veyron's successor never came to fruition. As the French company goes over their plans and designs the supercar anew, Macedonian designer Dejan Hristov has taken it upon himself to create his own version of a Bugatti high-performance sedan, clearly basing it on the now extinct Veyron.

Hristov's Bugatti Super-Sedan features some new and innovative ideas for the supercar, such as the headlights which are hidden behind a panel when not in use. Gullwing doors and a four-wheel-drive configuration also make their way onto the sedan concept. Check out Dejan Hristov's Bugatti Super-Sedan and let us know what you think about this possible Veyron successor.

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