Rendered: Hulme F1 Supercar

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Hulme is back with their F1 supercar. Sales have already begun and it is expected to hit European streets before the end of next year.

The last time we saw New Zealand car company Hulme was last year when they debuted their premier model, the CanAm Spyder (also pictured). Now they have released a rendering of their new supercar, titled the F1. Hulme's supercar features a hand-built engine that can crank out a whopping 700hp. The engine was developed in conjunction with motor firm Nicholson McLaren. They were at one point owned by the legendary F1 team's owner Bruce McLaren.

The F1 has also been tweaked and designed for sale in the European market, with quite a bit of aerodynamics added to give the car some extra zoom. The Hulme F1 was basically built from scratch and will be sold to countries that accept the "Group LVV EU" and "European Small Series" certifications. The New Zealanders are currently taking 'Options to Purchase' for their F1 now, as it will only be available in a limited run due to production capacity. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in late 2012. No word yet on whether the company will try to bring their supercar to the U.S. market, as strict safety standards will still need to be met.

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