Rendered: Lexus GS Wagon


Talk of a Lexus GS wagon has been circulating around and thanks to one creative mind, we can see a possible future outcome.

There are rumors circulating that if the newly redesigned Lexus GS will also spawn a coupe version in the near future that could fill the gap by the departed SC430, could there also be a wagon in the making? According to the some sources, Lexus plans to launch an IS type wagon not long after the arrival of the next-generation GS. There's no direct word (yet) coming from Lexus, but, according to the graphic artist at, a wagon version not only seems possible, but it also looks quite good.

The new wagon design would lend itself to the GS sedan very well, but we're not sure whether Lexus would actually move ahead with this. However, the designer here believes it could do very well in Europe and with Lexus also trying to expand sales there, a wagon version seems like a no-brainer. With cars like the BMW 5-Series Touring and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate being quite popular there as well, Lexus should give due consideration. And Lexus, if you do move ahead with this, please bring it stateside. We'd greatly appreciate it.


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