Rendered: New Info for the Porsche 961

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New information on the Porsche 961 supercar has just come out, and from what we hear Porsche has another great car in the works.

Porsche is expanding their range of automobiles upwards. The German automaker is building a new supercar to take on Ferrari and McLaren. The Porsche 961 contains many similar designs from the 911 that, at first glance, appears to be a superfast version of the classic sports car. The 961 features a noticeably longer and much more aerodynamically-engineered hood while side vents and a rear spoiler further emphasis the 961's focus on speed and style.

The 961 is expected to make extensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber to give the new Porsche a light weight. As the Carrera GT's replacement, the car should be able to bang out 600hp and a 0-60mph time of three seconds. Further fueling the hype around Porsche's new model are comments Porsche CEO Matthias Muller made to a German newspaper recently, saying that a model sitting above the 911 could "in a price segment of €400,000 has a good chance of being built." The Porsche 961 supercar is rumored to cost somewhere in the range of $800,000 and will arrive by 2014/15.

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