Rendered: Possible Porsche 981 Boxster R is Picture-Perfect

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If Porsche were to create a Boxster R, oh what a Porsche it would be.

The second generation Porsche Boxster (internally designated the 987) R S60 Spyder was a beautiful sight. The new Boxster (981) doesn't have an R model in its lineup, so this gorgeous rendering by Milanno is just a pipedream for now. The design for the Boxster R was based on the Cayman R, so an R version wouldn't be too much of a stretch for the famed German automaker. The rendering gives the sporty 981 Boxster an open top, Porsche sports seats, a rear spoiler and some beautifully redesigned side air intakes.

Blacked-out performance wheels and matte black-finished windows finish off the Boxster R with aggressive style. If Porsche would ever delve into Boxster R territory, we can assume they would give it some more power than the current Boxster S, currently rated at 315hp.

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