Rendered: Subaru BRZ Cabriolet

A BRZ convertible is reportedly on the way, and we have a rendering showing what the open-top variant could look like.

According to recent reports, Subaru is planning on building a cabriolet variant of their new BRZ sports car. The Subaru-Toyota project on the BRZ has created quite a bit of buzz, as it draws a very similar look to the new Toyota GT-86 and Scion FR-S. The rendering of the Subaru BRZ convertible by Theophiluschin draws its inspiration from the new BRZ coupe, however it doesn't appear to be quite as aggressive as its stock-counterpart.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think about an open-top version of the new, highly-acclaimed sports car. And if you didn't already know, Subaru engineers have confirmed they developed the car from the get-go so that it can lose its top without having to do significant structural alterations. So it seems to us this is a no-brainer. Rendering courtesy of Theophiluschin.

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