Rendered: Three Incredible Versions of the Ferrari 458 Italia

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Three new Ferrari 458 Italia designs that need to be seen by anyone who considers themselves a car-guy/gal.

Ferrari has received many plaudits for their work on the 458 Italia. The Italians originally designed the vehicle for function over fashion, putting added emphasis on creating the most aerodynamic supercar possible. What ended up coming off the line was one of the most gorgeous and streamlined cars of recent memory. French Designer Olivier Demangel recently rendered three new versions of the famed Italian supercar.

Based out of his London office, he created several designs that retain the Italia's design lines with some added tweaks giving the models distinct character. The first version of the 458 Italia is the silver 0.5, which was lightly tuned and features a side skirt and a lower rear diffuser.

The second model is the 1.0, which features some different styling like extra side air vents. The flagship trim is the Version 2.0 which was designed as a tribute to the F40 hyper-car.

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