2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

Rendered: Volkswagen Up! GTI

One artist's interpretation of what a VW Up! city car may look like if it's given the GTI treatment.

This one is sort of a "what if" kind of thing. We're sure everyone is familiar with the Volkswagen's GTI performance trim for the Golf and Polo (the latter is sold in Europe), but now that VW will soon be unveiling their new Up! city car at the Frankfurt Auto Show, some are now wondering whether the German automaker has plans for a GTI version as well. Thanks to PS-Garage.com designer Seljakboy, we now have this unofficial rendering of what a hot rod Up! may look like.

Overall, it's not bad and we especially like the red and black trim along with what looks like larger wheels. For now, we'll have to make do with the standard Up! when it debuts shortly at Frankfurt. But still, a pocket rocket like this could be a fast ride. VW execs: We hope you're paying attention.

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