Renowned Porsche Modifier RUF Is Bringing A Supercar To Geneva

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Now this is an unexpected surprise.

Whenever RUF makes an announcement regarding future product, it has our attention immediately. After all, RUF is the German company known for making already great Porsches even better, with perhaps its most famous project being 1987's CTR Yellowbird. RUF has a display stand every year at Geneva, so naturally we always find time to wander on over and see what's up. We'll be doing that for sure later this week because the company has just announced it'll debut a new supercar at the Swiss show.

Very few details about this supercar have been revealed so far, but what we do know is it'll be its first ever car that's based on RUF's own unique in-house designed carbon monocoque chassis structure.

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RUF won't reveal any more until show time, so we don't even know whether or not it'll come powered by a Porsche-built flat-six, for example. Without even a teaser image, your guess about its exterior design is as good as ours. Could RUF, once again, begin with a Porsche body fitted to its own chassis and go from there? Could it be a completely original design? We just don't know. But no worries, new information will come to light this week, and we'll bring you lots more coverage from Geneva. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the old Car and Driver video we found, a comparison between two RUF greats, the Yellowbird and CTR 3.

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