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Rent a Lambo Gallardo Super Trofeo for $35k

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Lamborghini has started a new program and for $35,000 you can rent a Gallardo Blancpain Super Trofeo for a weekend.

Any Lamborghini, old or new, doesn't come cheap. But what if you could rent one for a weekend for a little bit of motorsport fun? Lamborghini has announced that it's beginning a new program aimed at those with an FIA-accredited racing license for the International Motor Sport Association with a C or D rating. For $35,000, such individuals can rent a 2013 Gallardo LP570-4 Blancpain Super Trofeo. The package includes two 60-minute practice sessions, 40 minutes of qualifying time, and even two 50-minute races.

This breaks down to about $8,700 per hour. Expensive? Ridiculously so, but you'll be treated to a Gallardo that has a reworked chassis over the road-going version as well as a V10 that pumps out 562 horsepower. Normally, the car costs about $285,000 plus tax, but if that price is just too steep and you're not a part of any GT3 racing team, this new rent-a-Lambo program could be just for you. If you've got the dough, that is.

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