Rental Customer Charged $47K for Stolen Mustang

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Talk about one f'cked up situation.

Note to everyone: when returning a rental car, do so during normal business hours. For Kristen Cockerill of Nova Scotia, renting a Ford Mustang GT convertible for some weekend fun has turned into a financial nightmare. Last October, Cockerill rented the Mustang for a couple of days, but ended up returning the car on a Sunday, the one day of the week in which Enterprise Rental isn't open. She dropped the keys off in the secured drop box and went home.

That's where things began to go badly. Enterprise called her up the next day to say it had the keys, but no car. It was stolen overnight. Unfortunately, the fine print in the rental contract states that vehicles returned after hours are the responsibility of the renter until inspected the next business day. Translation: the car was still fully Cockerill's responsibility. The police also investigated and determined the car was stolen. Now Cockerill has received a bill from Enterprise for $47,000 Canadian, which is still about $42,000 USD. If Cockerill's insurance doesn't pick up the tab, then she alone will be charged on the credit card she used to initially pay for the rental.

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