Renting A Rivian R1S Electric SUV Isn't Cheap

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Get a taste of this luxury electric SUV if your pockets are deep enough.

With many customers still waiting to take delivery of the delayed Rivian R1S SUV, prospective owners can get a preview of their future EV by renting one of the very few Launch Edition examples already in private hands. At the time of writing, this particular SUV is located in San Francisco, CA, and can be rented through Turo for the princely sum of $499 per day. For your money, you will get to experience a combined output of 835 horsepower in a quad-motor luxury seven-seater EV, with a 0-60 mph dash in around three seconds, a standing quarter mile in roughly 11.6 seconds, and an EPA-rated range of 316 miles. However, real-world tests show that the Launch Edition will only manage around 230 miles on the highway.


The mileage cap for this specific SUV is a generous 150 miles per day, and drivers have to be 25 years of age or older to qualify. Clients under the age of 30 will also have to take out a $750 protection plan, and a $750 refundable deposit applies. If you want to keep this R1S for four days or longer, that price plummets to "only" $424 per day, making it a bargain in comparison to the $995 daily fee you'd have to shell out for a Hummer EV in a similar longer-term rental arrangement. Unfortunately, this Rivian's owner isn't keen on their family car venturing off-road, but the vehicle does feature a full house of luxury features to enjoy on the tarmac.


If your joyriding budget doesn't stretch quite that far but you still want to experience a Rivian with the same platform and similar performance, you may want to consider a quad-motor 2022 R1T pickup for $239 per day. Expect rental R1S SUVs to eventually drop to this price level as well, but that will only start happening once R1S production is up to full speed. Those who simply want to experience a high-performance electric SUV of any stripe could also get a 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range for similar money to an R1T Truck - it may not be quite as quick as the Rivian R1S quad-motor, but it is close enough, and a whole lot more affordable at the moment.


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