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Renting a Supercar is Cheaper than You Think

New service uses crowd-funding to drive the price down to human levels.

Many gearheads who never could afford to buy a supercarwill, at some point in their lives, find themselves renting a dream car from a rentalcompany or specialized service. But with the price of daily, or even hourly,rentals of these beauties running as high as $1,200 per day for a 2014Lamborghini Gallardo (with a limited number of miles allowed), even a rental may be outof many people’s reach. Aiming to change that is a new New York-based servicecalled Blancfleet.

Blancfleet uses crowd-funding to raise the capital requiredto buy vehicles, with each member of the crowd essentially “buying” a day touse this car in the future. Every car’s calendar is made up of three years’worth of one-day rentals, each with unlimited mileage. According to Blancfleet,with this method, that same 2014 Gallardo will cost renters just $535 a day. The company’scurrent prices start at $217 per day for a Range Rover Sport, climbing throughtheir fleet which includes a Mercedes S550, G550 and SLS AMG, Tesla Model S, Porsche911 and Nissan GT-R.

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