Report: 2012 Ferrari California Powers Up and Slims Down

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The 2012 Ferrari California will feature more power and less weight than the current car.

The 2012 edition of the Ferrari California will reportedly get a power boost and some weight loss, according to CAR Magazine. The refreshed California will achieve greater performance due to the aforementioned tweaks on the Italian supercar. The first-ever Ferrari front-engine V8 will lose considerable weight thanks to the heavy use of aluminum alloys in the chassis. Ferrari engineers told CAR that 66lbs have been saved from using said techniques. Total weight is expected to be around 3,758lbs.

The 2012 California also benefits from a revamp of the ECU and improved innards. 30 more horses are expected to make their way under the Italian roadster's hood, giving the 4.3-liter V8 engine a solid 483hp and 373 lb-ft or torque. 98 octane fuel helps bring out the Prancing Horse's inner power, however 95 octane can also be used as well. Performance numbers up to this point is pure speculation, but a 0-62mph time of 3.85 seconds isn't an unreasonable number for Ferrari fans to expect. What isn't speculation, however, is the Italian automaker fitting a Handling Speciale program to the roadster.

That means a 50 percent faster response time for corning and turning could make the 2012 Ferrari California one of the best handling Ferrari rides so far. Pricing hasn't been set yet, though most are expecting an increase from last year's total of £146,960 off the lot. Photos displayed are of the 2009 Ferrari California.

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