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Report: 2012 Volkswagen Passat Wagon Not US Bound

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German automaker Volkswagen has announced they will not be offering the Passat wagon in the US market. Instead, they are developing a three-row crossover for the US that's based off the Passat sedan.

According to a recent statement from Volkswagen and first reported by Car and Driver, the upcoming 2012 Passat Wagon will not be available for the North American market. The wagon prototype that was recently seen testing in the US was only for development purposes and will only be available for the European market. Many automakers test upcoming models in the US due to the country's many regional climates along with a large number of engineering and supply firms.

Simply put, Volkswagen does not view the Passat wagon as an effective use of resources. The automaker is intent on focusing all of their attention on sales figures and cannot justify producing wagons for the US in regards to their bottom line. Instead of a wagon, Volkswagen is supposedly developing a three-row crossover for the US that will carry a price tag of around $30,000 and will compete directly with the Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot. No word yet as to when it will debut.

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