Report: 2014 Audi R8 Built out of Carbon Fiber/Aluminum


The Audi R8 will run a super-light carbon and aluminum chassis.

Great combinations usually sustain us in our most pressing times of need. Things like bacon and eggs after a long night at the bar, Andy Dalton and AJ Green when you need the Bengals to score that go-ahead touchdown when you have money on the line and even that movie with the vampire guy and his mediocre-looking girlfriend when your girl wants to 'stay in and watch a movie.' The R8 is set for a facelift in 2014 and Audi will release their own dynamic duo of carbon fiber and aluminum.

As the makeup of the supercar's chassis, the pair will go a long way in making an impact as a new duo for the next generation model. The super-lightweight design architecture was confirmed by Audi's head of development Michael Dick in a report from Automobilwoche. He also believes that the carbon/aluminum hybrid could end up saving more weight and performing better than Lamborghini's new carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Audi's current R8 chassis weighs in at 490lbs. The next generation's mixture will save about 45lbs.

The German automaker's desire to create the lightest car in its class means that the engine components, suspension and electronics will also go through a rigorous weight-saving process. This hefty proposition is meant to challenge fellow VW Group stable-mate Porsche and their 2012 911 which weighs an NFL lineman-less at 350lbs.

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