Report: £15K Abarth Panda Coming in 2013

Abarth is giving the Fiat Panda some hotness, with an upgraded version of the Italian company’s turbocharged TwinAir engine.

According to a report by AutoExpress, Abarth will be giving the Fiat Panda a power-boost for enhanced performance, while maintaining the hatchback's solid fuel-efficiency of 60mpg. The Abarth Panda will run on a tweaked version of the .875-liter 2-cylinder TwinAir engine. Output is expected to be around 110hp, meaning a 0-62mph time or roughly 8.5 seconds. A top speed of 110mph has also been thrown around as a possibility.

In terms of looks, the new Abarth-tuned Panda will feature the company's trademark white and red paint scheme (pictured) and will have a bodykit complete with spoilers and wings. Upgraded brakes will also be installed to handle the hatchback's extra power, along with a lowered suspension for a lower ride profile. The Panda will sit on a set of 16-inch alloy wheels, though optional 17-inch wheels are expected to be made available. The entry-level Abarth Panda should price at around £15,000 and it will hit dealerships in 2013.

AutoExpress has also hinted that a range-topping Abarth Panda wearing the Esseesse badge could also be in the works, though nothing is official as of yet.

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