Report: Alfa Romeo Planning Flagship Sedan Based on Chrysler 300

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Alfa Romeo reportedly drops plans to develop an SUV in favor of a large, rear-wheel-drive sedan.

It seems that Alfa Romeo is making some major decision regarding their long-term future. We all know about their plans to return to the North American market with the 4C performance coupe, but according to a report from Autocar, the Italian brand also wants to build a more mainstream full-size, rear-wheel-drive sedan. This potential flagship sedan will be, if plans go accordingly, based on the next-generation Chrysler 300.

Previous reports have stated that development of this sedan was based on the current generation of the LX cars (the 300 and Dodge Charger), but it seems that Alfa prefers to wait a bit longer to have a more updated platform to work with. Autocar also claims that the new car will launch sometime in 2014 and will be built in the U.S. Likely power options could include a twin-turbo V8 along with a variety of diesel and smaller gasoline engines. However, in order to focus the necessary time, money, and other resources into the sedan's development, Alfa has apparently decided to drop plans for an SUV.

We hope this turns out to be true because a large Alfa Romeo sedan with a twin-turbo V8 sounds way more appealing than another overpriced SUV. Considering initial reaction to the Maserati Kubang SUV concept was less than stellar at Frankfurt a couple weeks back, it seems that Alfa is making the right decision here.


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