Report: BMW i9 Supercar Arriving in 2016

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Hybrid supercar has been given the green light.

BMW will give itself an awesome present when it celebrates its centennial anniversary in 2016. As we hinted a couple of months ago, the rumored i9 has now received its production green light, and will be arriving just in time for the birthday bash. The i9, a hybrid supercar that intends to fill the shoes of the epic M1 supercar, will slot above the i8 and feature a inline-six engine sourced from the next-gen 7 Series. BMW will also add a more powerful electric motor than the one used in the i8, allowing the i9 to produce an approximate 500 horsepower.

In terms of styling, expect the i9 to feature more aggressive, attention-grabbing styling than the i8, with more extensive use of carbon-fiber and aluminum throughout. According to insiders in the company, the i9 will be the fastest BMW created in the company's 100 years.

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