Report: BMW Is Disappointed in 5-Series GT Sales

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Big shocker here. BMW North America is stating that they are disappointed with sales thus far of the 5-Series GT. As it turns out, the targeted customers were 7-Series owners who downgraded and not 5-Series owners who upgraded. See what happens when you create too many niche genres. Jim O'Donnell, head of BMW North America, he regrets turning down the 5-Series wagon in favor of the GT.

As a result, they're now losing wagon sales to Mercedes-Benz. Also, dealers are reporting that customers haven't warmed up to the GT's odd hatchback styling. In fact, O'Donnell says that, in Florida, only one in 10 7-Series buyers went for the 5-Series GT. Apparently BMW has learned their lesson, as they're not going to discontinue 3-Series wagon in order to avoid customers flocking to competitors. Another thing: look at the 5-Series GT next to an Audi A7. The BMW looks like an elevated hearse.

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