Report: BMW To Invest More In UK MINI Production

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Many Mini fans have never gotten over the fact that their iconic British brand is now under German ownership. Completely understandable, considering Mini is symbolic with many things British. However, Mini is thriving and parent company BMW Group not only builds the cars in the UK, but they'll also be expanding this operation. BMW has just announced that they intend to invest some 562 million Euros over the next three years to upgrade their UK. MINI production facilities.

The majority of the investment will be used to prepare the Mini plant in Oxford, the pressings plant in Swindon, and the engine plant at Hams Hall near Birmingham. All told, some 5,000 jobs will remain secured. BMW has built the Mini at the Oxford plant since the car was re-launched in 2001. Since then, some two million units have been built at the plant and more than 1.5 million have been exported to 90 countries. The upgrades come in time for the production of the next generation Mini along with the soon to be launched Mini Coupe and Mini Roadster.

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