Report: Chevrolet Aveo SUV in the Works

The Aveo SUV will join the mini Aveo, Cruze wagon, Colorado pick-up and the Malibu sedan in Chevy's 2012 lineup.

According to a report by AutoExpress, Chevrolet will be launching a new Aveo-based compact crossover next year. Expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show next fall, the extended version of the sub-compact is expected to compete with the new Ford Fiesta SUV. The Aveo SUV will arrive in a front-wheel-drive configuration, with range topping models to follow soon after its launch with optional all-wheel-drive.

It is expected to run on a range of engines from the Euro-approved 1.6-liter diesel motor to Chevy's new turbocharged Ecotec engines. In any case, that makes five new models for the American automaker next year, quite an impressive feat. In addition to the three-door Aveo and Malibu sedan, we expect a wagon variant of the Cruze and a Colorado pick-up truck to join the Aveo SUV in 2012.

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