Report: Chevrolet Impala Owners Take GM To Court

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Chevrolet Impala owners have taken power brand GM to court. After many drivers claimed defects in the design of the rear spindle rods that cause the car to wear through the rear tires, GM states that the police Impalas are different than those for the public.

Chevy Impala owners have filed a class-action lawsuit against General Motors. The lawsuit claims that a defect in the design of the rear spindle rods causes the car to wear through rear tires at an accelerated rate. There has only been one owner named in the litigation. Her name is Donna Trusky of Blakely, Pennsylvania. She had originally purchased her Impala in 2008 and had the rear tires wear out at 6,000 miles. She was not alone with her claim, as many other Impala owners shared her pain.

Donna's dealership replaced the tires and aligned the car, but did not mention any problems with the spindle rods. She even had several lawyers file numerous complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. GM had issued a technical service bulletin for 2008 Police Impala models but failed to do so for the 423,000 civilian cars manufactured and sold between 2007 and 2008. Donna Trusky is only one of many unhappy Impala drivers who not only had their rear tires wear out on them but also felt somewhat cheated by the automaker for not notifying civilian drivers about the dangerous technical issues.

The lawsuit is targeted to have GM pay for the replacement tires and fix the alignment issue to prevent any possible accidents. GM states that the Police Impala models were different than the ones available to the customers.

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