Report: Chrysler To Launch SRT Brand

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While GM and Ford are consolidating their brands, it appears that Chrysler is expanding their own with the launch of the SRT brand. This idea isn't entirely new and was put on hold back when Chrysler was owned by Cerberus Capital Management. Fiat has since taken over Chrysler and CEO Sergio Marchionne has envisioned only good things for the company. He now wants to turn SRT from a just a trim level into a separate, high-performance brand.

Ralph Gilles, who used to be CEO of Dodge for a couple of years, will head SRT and its path to resurrect high-performance cars and their features. For starters, SRT vehicles will be getting a tremendous boost to its sound systems and promises a new level of sound quality. The newly tweaked audio system will be part of a way Chrysler aims to reach out to a new generation of buyers. There will soon be three SRT models to choose from: Both the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger sedans and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

All three will join the currently available Challenger SRT8. Gilles will be extremely selective on which cars will receive the SRT badge. The Dodge Viper used to be the flagship of Dodge before it went out of production. However, Gilles has indicated that work on the new Viper successor is progressing well, but gave no further details.

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