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Citroen is looking to expand their DS lineup on the back of their successes with the DS3, DS4 and DS5.

Citroen's DS line has been getting bigger and bigger as of late, and now we have word that the French automaker will expand their range even further with a new DS3 Racing model (due to the current's huge popularity in Europe) for the EU and abroad, and even a larger version of the DS5. A flagship could also be in the works, according to a report from WhatCar?, that could be based on the Metropolis concept (pictured, along with the DS3 Racing).

Citroen will use these new models to complement their current DS range of the DS3, DS4 and DS5. The DS3 Racing hot hatch packs a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can put out a solid 200hp. The popularity of the hatch inspired Citroen to boost the once-limited-run edition from 1,000 models to a 2,400 unit output. As the cars fly off the shelves, the French car company has quietly discussed plans to build a new, hotter version of the DS3 Racing for a probable much larger production run. A DS4 model with the DS5's 200bhp Hybrid4, meaning a 'performance-oriented diesel-electric hybrid' could also be in the works.

"We will be offering exclusive options and probably exclusive models. We have already done this a little with the DS3, including versions with matte finish paint. The policy will be extended to the DS4 and Citroen DS5 review, but perhaps in different ways," said Citroen's director of product planning Thomas d'Haussy. As more details come out of Citroen's expanding lineup, we will bring you all the latest news and notes on the French automaker's DS range.

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