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Report: Details Emerge on the Land Rover ‘Grand Evoque’

Land Rover’s lineup: Evoque, Grand Evoque, Range Rover. It’s possible, according to new reports.

The Land Rover Grand Evoque is slowly becoming a real thing, according to a recent report by Autocar. The British site has all-but-confirmed the company's plans to create a model to sit above the highly-acclaimed Evoque and the full-sized Range Rovers they currently offer. Top Gear, Stuff Magazine, Car Design News, Motor Trend and Auto Express, amongst others, have already named the smaller Evoque their "Car of the Year," and the British automotive company plan on building on that success with a slightly larger model.

The new model, possibly dubbed the 'Grand Evoque,' will sit size-wise (300mm larger than the Evoque) and price-wise (est. cost between £35,000 to £55,000) between the standard Evoque and the Range Rover. In terms of motivation, the new Land Rover model will likely arrive in the form of a few 4-clyinder powerplants designed by Jaguar Land Rover at their new site in Wolverhampton. Autocar says they will include a 1.8-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with an output of 170hp and several diesel options, with output of around 133hp per liter. A hybrid plant could also make its way into this new, mid-sized model.

The new Land Rover 'Grand Evoque' could come as soon as 2014, however we expect it to make its way to the market sometime in 2015.

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